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  • Social Security COLA announcement clouded by looming threat in Congress

    October 19, 2011: Today, the Social Security Administration announced that monthly Social Security benefits will increase 3.6 percent in 2012. Additionally, due to an increase in average wages, the maximum amount of wages subject to the Social S Read More >

  • The Debt Deal for Seniors

    August 03, 2011: This afternoon, the long-anticipated deal on raising the debt ceiling is expected to pass out of the Senate and signed into law. The good news about the deal is that your letters, emails, protests and calls to Congress have tem Read More >

  • Governor Quinn Calls for Elminating Illinois Cares Rx

    February 21, 2011: On February 16, Governor Quinn released his proposed budget for 2012, which includes eliminating the Illinois Cares Rx program. This crucial program helps seniors on Medicare Part D pay for their deductible, monthly premiums and p Read More >

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