April 08, 2013

Tell President Obama: Social Security COLA cut chains seniors to poorer life

The President plans to include a major Social Security benefit cut in his budget proposal that will be released on Wednesday. The chained CPI will cut the cost of living adjustment (COLA) for current and future retirees.

Click HERE to tell President Obama: “Social Security COLA cut chains seniors and people with disabilities to a poorer life.”

On Tuesday, the Alliance is joining with dozens of progressive organizations to deliver hundreds of thousands of letters and petitions to the President opposing the chained CPI benefit cut. Even if you can’t join us in person, sending a message to the President using this easy tool will ensure that President Obama gets your message. The names of message-senders will also be included in the petition delivery at the White House tomorrow.

The so-called chained CPI is based on an economic theory that goes something like this: as prices go up on some items, people choose cheaper alternatives. By applying it to seniors on Social Security, politicians are assuming that you can substitute other, cheaper alternatives for things like the triple heart bypass surgery you need.

The chained CPI is a benefit cut – plain and simple. It will reduce the cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) for current and future retirees.

Click HERE to tell President Obama you oppose the chained CPI benefit cut – and he should too.

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