April 16, 2013

Tell Your U.S. Representative to Co-Sponsor the Resolution Opposing the Chained CPI

Today, Representative David Cicilline (D-RI) introduced a bill that opposes the use of the Chained CPI to calculate COLAs for Social Security benefits. Please ask your Member of Congress to co-sponsor this bill.

Please do your part to stop the chained CPI by clicking here.

The trouble with the logic of chained CPI supporters is that Medicare households spend 15 percent of their income on health care – three times more than non-Medicare households spend. These are costs that cannot be easily substituted or defrayed. Moreover, while the initial impact of the chained CPI may appear to be modest, the compound effect of cutting COLAs would cut thousands of dollars over time from Social Security checks.

Over 300 leading social insurance experts have warned that switching to a chained CPI would mean that Social Security benefits would not keep up with the living costs seniors face.

Please contact your Member of Congress by clicking here and urge your Representative to co-sponsor Rep. Cicilline’s resolution.

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