May 23, 2013

Sen. Cullerton: Close Corporate Tax Loopholes!

We can end the giveaways that let corporations skip paying their fair share by hiding profits overseas. It’s more important than ever—today, while lawmakers at the State Capitol are talking about harmful budget cuts, the New York Times is reporting that Illinois-based Abbott Labs “lowered its tax bill by arranging for billions in profits to flow to subsidiaries that are technically offshore.”

That’s the same Abbott Labs that paid CEO Miles White $25.2 million and made $5 billion in profits last year—while Illinois was cutting important priorities like health care, public safety and good-paying jobs. Sound fair? Time to ask Senate President Cullerton.

We need you to call Senate President Cullerton NOW. Urge him to insist that ending wasteful corporate loopholes is part of any budget agreement

Call Senate President Cullerton: 217-782-2728

Tell him: Close wasteful corporate loopholes now! Illinois can’t afford these handouts for big corporations. Please make sure the FY2014 budget avoids harmful cuts by closing corporate tax loopholes, like those in SB1159.

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