July 26, 2013

Join the Medicare “Thunderclap”

Click here to join the online flashmob! We are using a platform called Thunderclap to flood Facebook and Twitter with a message on July 30th, Medicare’s 48th anniversary! Sign up NOW and on July 30th we will all share our message at the same time!

Click on this link and choose either “Support with Twitter” or “Support with Facebook” – or both! Then, add your name to the Thunderclap and on July 30th everyone that signed up will automatically post on Facebook and Twitter a link to our website with real stories of Medicare beneficiaries trying to make ends meet – telling the powerful story about why cutting Medicare or shifting costs onto beneficiaries is a horrible idea!

With your help, on July 30th, thousands of people across the country will commemorate the landmark Medicare program; call attention to real stories about why cuts to the program would be a disaster; and call on Congress to protect this critical program.

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