August 02, 2013

Rally: Expose ALEC’s Corporate Greed

Join the rally outside of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) conference on August 8th in Chicago to expose their dangerous agenda that exploits working families and protects major corporations and CEO’s.
ALEC is behind some of the worst state level legislation. Their rapsheet includes:
  • 71 ALEC bills in 2013: Protect corporations from being accountable for causing injury/death
  • 139 ALEC bills in 2013: Privatize public education
  • 104 ALEC bills in 2013: Diminish public sector unions and collective bargaining
 Rally: Expose ALEC‘s Corporate Greed
Thursday, August 8
Outside the Palmer House Hotel
17 E. Monroe St
Chicago, IL 60603
 Protect yourself and let your voice be heard by protesting ALEC!
 For more information, contact Emily Stuart at (312) 427-2114 ext. 207 or
Hundreds of ALEC’s model bills and resolutions have been carved into “mainstream” policy through the wealth and will of Charles and David Koch.  ALEC gives the Kochs a way to make their brand, of free-market fundamentalism, legally binding.  Koch Industries top lobbyist was once ALEC’s chairman. As a result, the Kochs have shaped legislation touching every state in the country.
ALEC was born out of a meeting in September 1973, where state legislators, including then Illinois State Rep. Henry Hyde, conservative activist Paul Weyrich, and Lou Barnett, a veteran of then Gov. Ronald Reagan’s 1968 presidential campaign, launched the American Legislative Exchange Council.
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