December 30, 2013

Your Social Security Benefit is at Stake

Your $800 increase in Social Security benefits is at stake.

The Strengthening Social Security Act has been introduced into Congress to increase the average Social Security benefit by $800 annually.

It will also improve the Cost of Living adjustment (COLA) that will immediately help you meet your daily needs, and it will guarantee your benefits for as long as you need them by strengthening the Social Security Trust Fund.

But I need your help to get it passed.

Please contribute what you can today so we can hit the ground running in January and pass this urgently needed legislation.

Alliance staff members are working the halls of Congress and Alliance activists all across the country are turning up the heat on their senators and representatives to build support for this legislation.

This really is an incredible opportunity to get long-overdue improvements to Social Security enacted. With so much bad legislation to gut Social Security and how hard we have to work to protect against cuts, this really is a refreshing change.

Help us seize on this opportunity by rushing your generous contribution to us today.

This bill won’t get passed without a fight.  But, with our 4 million members behind us I know if we pull together we can get the job done.

You can be certain we won’t let up until we have a win on this one because it truly is a rare opportunity to increase the Social Security benefit by $800 and strengthen the program for the long-term.

Rush your generous contribution to your Alliance today and help us build an irresistible groundswell of support to increase Social Security benefits by $800 per year.

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