April 15, 2014

Could have had a tax cut if…

…we had enacted a Fair Tax.

 By now, almost all of us have filed our taxes. When many of us looked at our state returns, we were not happy with what we saw.

 We’re working with A Better Illinois coalition to make sure next year is much different.  If we enact a Fair Tax – with lower rates for lower incomes and higher rates for higher incomes – almost all of us, anyone making up to $205,000, will get a tax CUT next year. In addition to providing tax breaks for 94% of Illinois residents, a Fair Tax will finally produce the stable and sustainable revenue required to provide the crucial public services that our communities need to thrive. That means no more draconian cuts to vital investments in things like education, health care, public safety and services for seniors.

 What does a Fair Tax mean for your pocketbook?

 Check out www.FairTaxCut.com to calculate how much you’ll save — and then you can even click-thru to send a message directly to your legislators encouraging them to support a Fair Tax.

 We have only until May 4th to pass the Fair Tax Act.  Please contact your legislators today to urge them to support it. Please take action TODAY.

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