May 13, 2014


Yesterday, Florida Senator and potential presidential candidate Marco Rubio called for the end of Social Security and Medicare.

In a speech at the National Press Club in Washington DC, he reiterated what he has said in the past:

The only way to save Social Security and Medicare is to dismantle them!

We don’t buy it. And we know you don’t either.

Social Security and Medicare have been around for much longer than Marco Rubio, and they will be here long after he is gone!

Social Security was built to last.  It can easily handle population fluctuations and economic hardships. It has never missed a payment and is our most efficiently run retirement program.

Rubio’s calls to dismantle this fundamental program are for the benefit of his Wall Street friends, just as his previous calls to privatize Medicare are made on behalf of other wealthy benefactors.

Please help us continue the work to protect and expand Social Security and Medicare. Sign our petition telling Senator Rubio its time to strengthen and expand our retirement security system! Together we can do it!

If Senator Rubio really cared about strengthening retirement security, he would join the effort to expand Social Security benefits as Senator Tom Harkin and Representative Linda Sanchez have proposed.

And if he really cared about addressing the retirement security crisis, he would get on board with raising the minimum wage, because Social Security benefits are based on wages.

But instead, he calls Social Security ‘outdated,’ joining a long line of politicians seeking to enrich Wall Street at the expense of everyone else.

This is political posturing of the worst kind and a callous attempt to pit generation against generation.
We cannot let a statement like this go un-answered!

So please, act now:  Sign our petition telling Senator Rubio its time to strenghten and expand our retirement security system.

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