May 14, 2014

Tell Legislators to Stop Massive Cuts to Vital Services

The fate of Illinois’ state budget will be determined before the end of the month. There will be massive cuts to services, including home care services for seniors, if the 5% income tax is not made permanent.

Send a letter to your state legislators now to ask them to avoid drastic cuts by making the 5% income tax permanent.

If the 5% income tax is not made permanent it would force unprecedented, disastrous cuts, including:

  • 21,000 seniors would not receive the help they need from in-home caretakers
  • Hundreds of veterans would be evicted from state veterans’ houses
  • 41,000 fewer children would receive child care, preventing their parents from working
  • 30,000 fewer college students would receive MAP scholarships
  • 13,000 teachers would be laid off

The clock is ticking on this important issue. We need you to take action now!

Ask your state legislators to stop these draconian cuts by making the 5% income tax permanent.

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