June 17, 2014

Stop Closing Our Social Security Offices

Since 2010, some members of Congress have been so intent on cutting your earned benefits that they’ve forced the country through a series of self-imposed crises. But benefit cuts aren’t the only way to dismantle our Social Security system. There is already an invisible war under way—and we’re losing it!

The Social Security Administration is funded the same way Social Security benefits are—with payroll taxes that all workers pay. Its expenses have no impact on the federal debt, and represent less than 1% of Social Security’s annual expenditures. But Congress has still cut fourteen of the last sixteen SSA budget requests! And now, these cuts are being felt, as the Social Security Administration is forced to shutter dozens of field offices around the country.

Click here to join the Alliance for Retired Americans and Social Security Works in telling Congress: Keep our Social Security Offices open and fully fund the Social Security Administration!

RJ Eskow wrote on the Huffington Post that “many disabled and elderly Social Security recipients depend on field offices, and the workers in them.” And as Michael Hiltzik of the Los Angeles Times said, “They haven’t been able to cut benefits, so they’re doing the next best thing: making it hard for you to know what you’re due, and harder to get it when it comes due.”

The bottom line is, Americans came together to create the Social Security system to provide a basic, reliable foundation for retirement and disability. Closing field offices and making it more difficult to access benefits information is an attempt to dismantle that foundation. It’s time to stop it.

Tell Congress: Provide full funding to the Social Security Administration and keep our Social Security offices open!

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