March 17, 2015

House Republican Budget is a Frontal Assault on the Needs of Seniors

Statement of Richard Fiesta, Executive Director the Alliance for Retired Americans regarding the House Republican Budget

“The budget plan put forward by House Republicans today is a frontal assault on the needs of seniors, persons with disabilities and working Americans.

It would privatize critical aspects of Medicare, gut Medicaid and drastically reduce support for persons with disabilities. It breaks promises to seniors regarding benefits they have earned over decades of work.

It also signals that the Republican leadership is interested in going after Social Security, which keeps 22 million older Americans out of poverty. We’ve seen these tactics before – Commissions to recommend ‘so-reforms,’ and attempts to pit disabled workers against retired workers. If Republicans were truly concerned about the Social Security’s future they would be working to expand benefits for beneficiaries and improve the program’s finances by lifting the earnings cap on Social Security contributions.

Medicare has served our country’s retirees well for 50 years and the rate of health care spending is now slowing after decades of uncontrolled growth. This budget puts those gains at risk and the needs of the privileged over the middle class.

The 4.3 million members of the Alliance for Retired Americans – with members in every state — will be redoubling its efforts to educate, speak out and hold members of Congress who vote for this budget accountable.”

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