June 03, 2015

Stop Fast Track Now!

The House Republican leadership is pushing to bring Fast Track legislation for the job-killing, retiree-hurting, Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal to a vote soon.

The Fast Track bill has already passed in the Senate, and if approved by the House, it would allow secretive trade deals like the TPP to be rushed through Congress, circumventing the democratic process.

Will you take action and protect your retirement security? Call your Representative at 1-888-804-8311!

Despite the trade deal being under negotiation for years now, the American public has been barred from reviewing what TPP negotiators have been proposing in our names. However, what we do know for sure is that Fast Track means a $700 million cut to Medicare and higher prescription drug prices.

Dial 1-888-804-8311 now and tell your Representative to stand with you and not multi-national corporations!

Thousands of organizations — representing retirees, students, consumers, digital activists, and family farmers – are united in saying NO to Fast Track. They are urging all of their members to call the House today to demonstrate the breadth of opposition and we need your voice, too.

This is the time for action.  Fast Track proponents are trying to move quickly.

Please call your Representative now.

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