June 12, 2015

Bad Trade Deal Blocked in a Temporary Victory for Seniors

The following statement was issued today by Richard Fiesta, Executive Director of the Alliance for Retired Americans, following the U.S. House votes on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Fast Track Authority legislative package.

“Today’s votes in the U.S. House showed that cuts to Medicare are not a viable way to pay for trade legislation. The votes also made a powerful statement about the continued political strength of older Americans in the United States.

“Members of the Alliance worked tireless to educate members about this proposal and made their views heard – visiting, phoning and writing their elected officials. Today’s vote sent a strong signal and that is a victory for retirees.

“While we are heartened by today’s victory, we continue to have deep reservations about the TPP proposal which will hurt seniors by raising the price of prescription drugs and cost U.S. workers jobs. And we will continue to organize and speak out against it in the coming weeks and months.”

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