July 30, 2015

Seniors Left Vulnerable as Governor Rauner Threatens Medicaid Funding During Medicaid’s 50th Anniversary

Chicago, IL- As retirees mark the 50th anniversary of Medicaid on Thursday, July 30th, Governor Rauner continues to attack basic services provided to thousands of seniors and working families across the state of Illinois.

In February, the Governor proposed  $1.47 billion in cuts to Medicaid.  As the budget crisis continues, the administration has threatened to withhold Medicaid funding to providers.

On July 23rd, a federal judge ordered Medicaid payments to be made to providers that serve children in Cook County.  However, adult-only providers, such as nursing homes, were not included in last week’s ruling, which leaves them vulnerable to cuts in funding.

“I am a duel Medicare and Medicaid recipient and can’t afford to lose my extra help from Medicaid to see a doctor and go to the hospital in case of an emergency.  I don’t have that kind of money”, said Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans member Martha Toliver, 72, of Chicago Heights.

“At the same time Rauner is trying to erode Illinois’s middle class through his turnaround agenda, he is threatening the livelihood of the state’s most vulnerable residents by attacking Medicaid funding”, said Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans President Barbara Franklin.

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