October 08, 2021

Jane Russell – West Suburban Teachers Union / Illinois Federation of Teachers

Jane Russell has been a champion for working people and public education for more than four decades. She is currently the Secretary Treasurer for the Illinois Federation of Teachers, the Secretary of the North Central Illinois Labor Council, has served as the President of the West Suburban Teachers Union Local 571 since 1995, and has served on the Executive Board of the Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans since 2011. Included among the many honors she’s received are the American Federation of Teachers’ Women’s Pride of the Union Award,  the Chicago Federation of Labor Woman of the Year Award, and the West Suburban Teachers Union Jane Russell Defender of Public Education Award. 

Jane started her path towards leadership in her sorority, continued it to Leyden High Schools where she became Science Department Chairman, and continues to advance ever onward in her lifelong commitment to building the labor movement. With years of experience in organizing, Jane knows that people power is rooted in our relationship with those who share our values and our demands. That is why she prides herself on being a conduit, connecting people so that we can work together towards our common aims.     

“Retirees and others who cannot speak for themselves need a voice…our collective voices can be heard because we share Union and Community. We advocate for all of us.”


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Topics: Retirement Security

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