October 08, 2021

John Murphy – Illinois Federation of Teachers, University Professionals of Illinois Local 4100

For 35 years, John Murphy was a professor of political science at Northwestern Illinois University.  John’s background includes  A.B (cum laude) Harvard, M.A., University of Chicago, Professor Emeritus,  Northeastern Illinois University, and Cpt. U.S Army Bronze Star for Service.

Serving on the IARA board since 2011, John’s extensive background in public policy and political science has been a resource in our efforts to  improve the  lives of older adults  by protecting public pensions, improving Medicare/medicare, expanding access to  home health care, and more. With his ongoing leadership, IARA will continue to raise our visibility in the public policy arena as we pursue our mission of retirement with dignity and economic security for every American.

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Topics: Retirement Security

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