October 08, 2021

Stephanie Collins – Chicago Metro Retirees

Stephanie Collins is the President of the Chicago Metro Retirees Chapter of the Alliance for Retired Americans, as well as the Chair of the Retiree Standing Committee of the Chicago Teachers Union, financial secretary for the CTU Black Caucus, and Vice President of Coalition of Labor Union Women Chicago. The child of an immigrant, and a 4th generation educator, Stephanie holds a BA in Communication, and a MA in Multicultural Education, and taught elementary and middle school aged children for 32 years. 

“Since I was in high school, I have always been an advocate for social justice. Everyone should have the right to a good and comfortable life. I have formed many strong and powerful relationships within IARA and will continue to advocate for everyone’s right to have education, health care, living wages, food and shelter.” 

Stephanie is a committed organizer who joined the IARA Executive Board in 2019 and is working to mobilize growing numbers of active retirees to push for the things they need to age with dignity in their communities.

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Topics: Retirement Security

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