October 11, 2021

Jacklyn Naughton – Illinois Federation of Teachers


Jacklyn Naughton is the Secretary of the Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans, as well as the Retiree Chair for the North Suburban Teachers Union. She has her MS in Cellular and Molecular Biology and spent her career as a science teacher, where she was awarded the Nile North’s Teacher of the Year Award in 1996, the Larry Stilgebauer Award of Excellence for Exemplary use of Technology in the Classroom in 2000, was a Golden Apple Finalist in 2001, won the Exxon/Mobile “Illinois Science Teacher of the Year” in 2002, as well as the Award of Excellence from Illinois Science and Math Academy, the Outstanding Teacher Award presented by the University of Chicago in 2002, the Illuminators Award presented by ComEd in 2003 and 2004 was named “Scientist of the Month” by the Association for Women in Science, and received the Blue Apple teacher Award in 2011. 

We are proud to have Jacklyn as our Secretary. Her driven and focused work, where her attention to detail, and dependable service to the organization are a testament to her commitment to our mission to ensure retirement with dignity and economic security for every American. 

“I have always believed in social justice for all. As I’ve aged, I have learned that seniors are often a forgotten group when it comes to equity and representation. The IARA is an organization that focuses especially on the civil and social rights of seniors.”


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