December 09, 2021

Miller Rodgers – UAW Local 6

Miller Rodgers worked as an assembler, repairman, and in maintenance at the International Harvester Company diesel engine plant in Melrose Park, where he was a proud member of United Auto Workers Local 6. For more than 15 years he served as a trustee on the UAW Local 6 Executive Board, and in retiring after 31 of service, Miller joined the UAW Local 6 Retiree Chapter where he has served on the Executive Committee for the past 24 years, and in the role of Chairman for the past decade, 

Miller offers his seasoned leadership to the Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans as our Executive Vice President with the belief that Seniors, when organized, have the power to bring solutions to the challenges they face. He is committed to the IARA mission of retirement with dignity and economic security for every worker and to bringing the next generation of seniors into our movement.

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Topics: Retirement Security

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