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  • Your Social Security Benefit is at Stake

    December 30, 2013: Your $800 increase in Social Security benefits is at stake. The Strengthening Social Security Act has been introduced into Congress to increase the average Social Security benefit by $800 annually. It will also improve the C Read More >

  • Don’t Cut Social Security and Medicare. Expand Them!

    December 04, 2013: We believe that all Americans deserve to retire with dignity. That's why we've long supported strengthening Social Security and Medicare. Through these programs, we have been able to lift millions out of poverty and provide aff Read More >

  • Senator Durbin Supports Grand Betrayal

    October 29, 2013: 29Sen. Dick Durbin, the second most powerful Democrat in the Senate, appeared on Fox News Sunday and told host Chris Wallace that he would support cuts to Social Security and Medicare benefits as part of a grand bargain with Repub Read More >

  • Thanks to you!

    October 17, 2013: Yesterday, the House and Senate agreed to a deal to fund the government through January 15, and to raise the debt ceiling through February 7. This is great news and your engagement helped make it happen! Congratulations and thank Read More >

  • A Clean Continuing Resolution and NO Cuts to Seniors’ Programs

    October 09, 2013: All across the country, Americans are fed up with the government shutdown. Your U.S. Representative’s vote could be the difference between ending the shutdown with a “grand bargain” that dismantles our retirement security in Read More >

  • Don’t let partisan hostage-taking erode our earned benefits.

    October 01, 2013: Today’s government shutdown by Republicans turns Americans, including seniors, into hostages. Despite the fact that health care reform was voted on in Congress, signed into law by President Obama in 2010, and also ratified on Read More >

  • Register today – Illinois Alliance’s Convention

    August 05, 2013: The Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans is excited to announce that our 6th Constitutional Convention will be held on Wednesday, September 4th from 9:00am to 3:00pm at the UAW Pat Greathouse Center in Ottawa. The convention Read More >

  • Rally: Expose ALEC’s Corporate Greed

    August 02, 2013: Join the rally outside of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) conference on August 8th in Chicago to expose their dangerous agenda that exploits working families and protects major corporations and CEO's. ALEC is Read More >

  • Join the Medicare “Thunderclap”

    July 26, 2013: Click here to join the online flashmob! We are using a platform called Thunderclap to flood Facebook and Twitter with a message on July 30th, Medicare's 48th anniversary! Sign up NOW and on July 30th we will all share our messag Read More >

  • ARA & FINRA Partnerhip

    July 24, 2013: The Alliance for Retired Americans has partnered with and FINRA (Investor Education Foundation) to help our members fight against fraudsters targeting older Americans. Anyone can be a victim of investment fraud. Read More >

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